Adult Education


Classes meet each Sunday morning at 9:45am.  Most also enjoy coffee and fellowship just before class.  You are encouraged to visit any of the following classes, and we hope you will become an active member of one of them. If you have an interest in starting a new class, please contact Rev. Stephanie Moore Hand at the church office, 704-714-9378.

Contemporary Women is a newly formed Sunday School Class at Providence involving all generations of women, coming together to share our diverse years and experiences in order to strengthen our faith.

A quote by the author Elisabeth Elliott, "The fact I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman," is the foundation for bringing together all women of the church to journey, to learn and to explore our Bible and our faith.

Please join us for fun & fellowship on Sunday, September 15, 2013 in room A100.We are excited to welcome you during the Sunday school hour.

9:45 am - Coffee and Yummy delights!
10:15 am—Introduction of Liz Curtis Higgs' exciting series, "Bad Girls of the Bible."

Bridge Builders Class

Room # A204
Ages: 20's, 30's, & 40's Singles/Married couples with/without children
Group Discussion led by different members of the class
Average attendance: 25-35

The BridgeBuilders Class is comprised of a friendly group of both singles and married couples.  Classes are generally discussion-based and led by various class members - with topics that relate to our daily lives as Christians.  We are an active class!  We participate in a wide range of outreach and fellowship activities.  If you are seeking a class that is full of variety, energy and committed members, we would love to have you join us!   

Chipley Bible Class

Room #B219
Ages: 40-80     Members with college children and empty nesters
Bible study taught by various speakers
Average attendance: 50+

Chipley Bible Class is made up of married, single, and retired persons.  We focus each week on Christian fellowship in a warm and caring environment.  Dynamic speakers who are members of our class or guest teachers lead our weekly Bible lessons.  Terry Wallace and Bob McGarrah are our prime teachers, alternating between the Old and New Testaments.  Service to others outside our class is an important aspect of our class mission.  We enjoy getting together outside of the church for fun and fellowship with pot-luck lunches and an annual Christmas party.  Church members from Aldersgate, Southminister and Sharon Towers are important members of our class as well. 

Christian Discovery Class

Room #A203
Ages 50 +    Empty nesters, nearly empty nesters, retirees
Bible study with emphasis on mission opportunities - wide variety of teachers, primarily from within the church
Average attendance: 20

The focus of our Sunday School class is worship through shared experiences.  Examples of our shared experiences are monthly socials, mission opportunities such as Habitat for Humanity and Room in the Inn. Come join with us to be servant leaders in the church and community. 

Christian Home Class

Room #A107
Ages:  50 +      Working, retired or senior citizens
Adult Bible studies led by class members
Average attendance: 80+

The Christian Home Class is a class for both men and women, ranging in age from 50 up (but all ages are welcome).  Class members who rotate monthly teach our lessons from The Adult Bible Studies guide. We also welcome an occasional guest teacher.  Fellowship is encouraged through socials, covered-dish dinners, and other activities including Outreach Projects.  New members are welcome as we try to broaden our understanding of the Bible and grow in our Christian faith.  Join us!

Crosstalkers Class

Room A-102-104
Ages: 40's - 70's
Couples & singles, some with children at home, many with college age and young adult children
Bible based education, current issues and social affairs, usually including group discussion.  Class volunteers lead discussion.
Average attendance: 50-65

Crosstalkers are very active in Providence UMC ministries and committee leadership.  In addition, financial and time support go to many other outreach ministries including Room in the Inn, Prison Bible Study Ministry, Second Harvest Food Bank, Society of St. Andrews, Salvation Army, Crisis Assistance Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, Bethlehem Center and other good causes.  Our members build strong friendships and really enjoy fellowship dinners, an annual weekend study and social retreat, a men’s Squares Christ Care Group focusing on study and Providence UMC service projects, and others.  If this sounds like the right Sunday School class for you, please join us. 

Joy Community

Room #A104
All ages
The Joy Community is a class of developmentally disabled adults and their friends in the church.  Currently there are twenty-two developmentally disabled people and about an equal number of able people.  Everyone who would like to be a friend is invited to visit and/or join us at any time. 

Patchwork Class

Room #A210
Ages:  40's - 50's          All ages and marital status welcome.  Most members are 40 years or older but there is always an opportunity to add a new "Patch" of any age. 
Self-taught, discussion format with occasional guest speaker
Average attendance: 20-30

The Patchwork Sunday School class is self-taught and discussion based.  We are involved with various service activities and occasionally have social events for the class for those who wish to participate.   It is a class made up of people at various stages in life (i.e. married, married with children, divorced, divorced with children, single and newly single).  This diversity allows class members to draw on the different life experiences and viewpoints of other class members.  This provides an exceptional setting for a journey of spiritual growth and understanding of Christ’s message. 

Pathfinders Class

Room # A209
Ages 40-55      Parents of elementary to college age children.
Mixture of lecture, group discussion, book studies & guest speakers
Average attendance: 20-40

The Pathfinders Class began in 1995 as a small class of recently married couples without children and has now become a class of over 70 members.  Most members are in their 30's and 40's with preschool/elementary age children. Pathfinders are discovering the path to Christ in many ways: by teaching class, taking a meal to a member in need, participating in numerous community outreach projects (Room in the Inn, Shelter for Battered Women, Family Promise), providing gifts for families in need and supporting and praying for class members, friends, family and others.  There are as many paths as there are members.

Serendipity Friends Class

Room #A202
Ages:  35-55    Primarily parents of high school, college age, and some post-college age children
Group discussion led by class members
Average attendance: 25

Serendipity is an engaging group of young at heart adults ranging in age from around 40 to the late 50’s - early 60's.  We are self-taught with volunteers from the class facilitating group discussions of topics ranging from current events, comparative religions, Bible study, stewardship and outreach.  Fellowship and outreach are the cornerstones of Serendipity.  We engage in outreach by providing sandwiches to the Soup Kitchen, we are active in Room in the Inn and Family Promise, and we sponsor families in need at Christmas.  Several class members are on HOPE teams working with and mentoring to working poor families in Charlotte.  We are also active in the various Haiti missions as well as other outreach opportunities throughout the year.  We get together in small groups including Serendipity Supper Clubs twice a year and other social gatherings such as our Christmas Party and Super Bowl Party.

Soul Purpose New Sunday School Class

Room #A211
We are a welcoming, casual Sunday school class dedicated to the renewal of mind, body and spirit. As a group, we want to learn how to put Christian teachings to work in our everyday lives.  Our focus is to grow in our faith by expanding our knowledge of the Bible and strengthening our prayer lives while developing relationships with other church members.   Our class started in January 2012, and would love you to join us as we grow spiritually and find our place in Providence Methodist through Soul Purpose! 

Wesley Men’s Fellowship Class

Room #A101
Ages:  45 +      Men in all phases from children at home to retired
Adult Bible Studies taught by a rotation of retired ministers and guest speakers
Average attendance: 35-40

Wesley Men’s class members enjoy fellowship with coffee and refreshments before gathering for the singing of hymns and a Bible based lesson. The mission of the class is to advance the work of Christianity and Providence UMC by being actively involved in its leadership, supporting its programs, and providing an atmosphere of Christian fellowship and learning.  The class has demonstrated a strong interest in mission outreach through its annual Christmas fundraising breakfast where yearly gifts now exceed $30,000.  Three scholarship funds and a class endowment fund to provide an additional level of financial backing for present and future outreach. New members of all ages are encouraged and welcomed.



Rev. Stephanie Hand  Email Stephanie
Minister of Evangelism and Discipleship
Providence United Methodist Church



Soul Purpose New Sunday School Class

We are a welcoming, casual Sunday school class dedicated to the renewal of mind, body and spirit. As a group, we want to learn how to put Christian teachings to work in our everyday lives.  Our focus is to grow in our faith by expanding our knowledge of the Bible and strengthening our prayer lives while developing relationships with other church members.   Our class started in January 2012, and would love you to join us as we grow spiritually and find our place in Providence Methodist through Soul Purpose!