Adult Education



Classes meet each Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m.  All are invited to enjoy coffee and fellowship before class in the Atrium.  Visitors are encouraged to attend.  Contact persons for each class are listed and would love to talk with you about their group.


Bridge Builders Class
Room A204
Ages: 20-50     Singles/Married adults with and without children
Group Discussion led by different members of the class.
Lesson topics related to our daily lives as Christians. 
Wide range of service and fellowship opportunities.
Contact:  Greg King


Chipley Bible Class
Room B219
Ages: 40-80     Members with college children and empty nesters
Bible study taught by various speakers.
Focus on Christian fellowship in a warm and caring environment.
Service to others outside our class.
Contact:  Peg Rinaldi


Christian Discovery Class
Room A203
Ages 50 +    Empty nesters, nearly empty nesters, retirees
Bible study with emphasis on mission opportunities; various speakers.
Focus on worship through shared experiences. 
Monthly socials, servant leadership in church and community.
Contact:  Jack Entwistle


Christian Home Class
Room A105-107
Ages:  50 +      Working, retired or senior citizens
Adult Bible studies led by class members
Fellowship socials, covered-dish dinners, and other activities
Many service and support opportunities
Contact:  Paul Bumgarner


Contemporary Women
Room A100
All women, all ages, church members or not.
Facilitator led discussion group.
Learning and exploring our Bible and our faith.
Fellowship and fun in this new class.
Contact:  Sherron Guthrie


Crosstalkers Class
Room A-102-104
Ages: 40's - 70's   Couples and singles
Bible based education, current issues and social affairs.
Emphasis on church leadership and service projects.
Fellowship through socials, service and study.
Contact:  Mike Smith


Joy Community
Room A125
All ages
Developmentally disabled adults and able friends.
Bible based lessons, lively music.
Supportive fellowship.
Active in worship and church activities.
Contact:  Jennifer Wilhoit,


Patchwork Class
Room A210
Ages:  All ages and marital status
Self-taught, discussion format, occasional guest speaker.
Sharing of diverse experience and viewpoints.
Occasional social events.
Contact:  Marsha Schinman


Pathfinder’s Class
Room A209
Ages 40-55
Lecture, group discussion, book studies and guest speakers.
Supportive friends growing in faith together.
Active in outreach and caring ministries.
Contact:  Susan Brown


Serendipity Friends Class
Room A202
Ages:  40-early 60’s    
Group discussion led by class members.
Wide-ranging study topics.
Social gatherings, retreats and small groups.
Very active in missions and leadership.
Contact:  Kathy Harris


Soul Purpose
Room A211
All ages welcomed
Lessons – Christian Tool Box
Casual gathering and discussion.
Focus on schools – local and global.
Socials, family events, potlucks.
Contact:  Gina Lawrence


Wesley Men’s Fellowship Class
Room A101
Ages:  35+       Men in all phases of life
Adult Bible Studies lessons.
Sunday morning fellowship and singing.
PUMC leadership, support of missions.
Golf outings, Christmas breakfast, occasional parties.